Welcome to the Colorado Arabian Horse Club!
The Colorado Arabian Horse Club (CAHC) was formed by a group of area Arabian horse owners and breeders in 1952, and the club was officially incorporated in 1955. The Colorado Arabian Horse Club was proud to host the inaugural U.S. Nationals which were held at Stanley Park Fairgrounds in Estes Park in 1958.

In fact, the very concept of the U.S. National Championship show was created by CAHC members, Burr Betts and Wayne Smith who served as show managers that first year. Estes Park was home to the U.S. Nationals under the CAHC's management until 1963 when it had outgrown the Colorado facility and was moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The northern and southern divisions of the CAHC were formed in 1973 to accommodate the needs of a membership base that had grown so large statewide, that more than one meeting location and activity roster needed to be offered.

The club is also home to the Junior Colorado Arabian Horse Club, which offers a wide variety of activities and programs to the youth members of the CAHC. The CAHC sponsors a youth judging team which has been awarded national honors from several different breed and discipline organizations throughout the years, including National Championship honors from AHA, making it one of the top youth judging teams in the country.